Laser Strip

Laser stripping is the fast accurate way to remove acrylate and polyimide coatings from optical fiber. The laser process can be applied to fiber ends and can create windows of virtually any length and at any point along the fiber. The non-contact process eliminates the risk of sharp blades damaging the fiber and doesn’t require the use of hazardous chemicals. The stripped fiber is clean, residue free.

Laser Stripper Fiber ends can be stripped in preparation for cleaving or lensing prior to use, or to create a test end for a finished device. Standard acrylate stripping can be integrated with cleaving or lensing, utilising a common laser source for both processes.

Laser Stripped fiber Windows of virtually any length can be created to gain access to the fiber for the writing of a fiber bragg grating, for example.

Polyimide StripPolyimide coatings can be stripped cleanly to create ends and windows in fiber and capillary.

In all cases, the speed of the Laser Stripping process gives unbeatable cost-effectiveness.

Laser Strip Advantages

Fiber Preparation

  • Connectorisation
  • Test ends
  • Bragg grating window
  • Fusion splicing

Precise Control

  • Accurate length and position 
  • Square or tapered edge at the strip interface


  • Any length or position 
  • Can be integrated with fiber end shaping process

Non-contact process

  • No tool wear, or mechanical damage to the fiber 

Strip Position

  • Strip region can be referenced to a fixed feature on the fiber 
  • Multiple strip regions


  • Fully automated stripping
  • Fiber de-reel and strip


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