Laser Micromachining

laser micromachining from OpTek Systems a global provider of precision equipment and subcontract manufacturing services for micro-hole drilling, precision cutting, 3D micro-milling, laser scribing and laser processing in a broad range of industrial markets.

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Optical Fiber Processing

Optical Fiber Processing from OpTek Systems the global leader for precision laser processing of optical fiber.  LaserCleave OpTek’s patented fiber optic processing technology for laser cleaving, stripping, lensing and optical interconnect termination is available either in production tools or as a subcontract service from US and UK locations.

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Sub Contracting

OpTek provides responsive and efficient laser-processing and laser micro-machining services from locations in the US and UK. Utilising its wide range of laser types from UV to IR, and many years of processing experience, OpTek can address your machining requirements from prototype level through to full-scale production.

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Production Equipment

OpTek Systems produces a range of machine tools for precision laser micromachining and production laser processing.  Engineered to meet the specific needs of your application, OpTek has a track record of delivering robust, reliable productivity to the shop floor.

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