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OpTek Systems, Oxford, UK

OpTek Systems’ European Headquarters is based in Abingdon, just outside Oxford in the UK.  Our UK facility is the hub for OpTek’s global development activities, with extensive laser processing facilities covering a broad range of available technologies.  OpTek can deliver your precision engineering requirements, from concept through to volume production.

OpTek’s core business is in the development of precision laser micromachining processes and the transitioning of these into robust, reliable and cost effective contract processing services and production-ready machines.

The company’s strengths lie in the expertise built-up from decades of experience in the field, harnessing the widest available range of laser sources and applying them to the micro-engineering challenges of industry.  OpTek has a track record of developing novel laser processes that go on to become industry standards, from laser patterning of print rollers to laser scribing in thin film capacitors and the production of integrated micro-optics for optical fiber networks.

OpTek Systems merges experience in laser processing, precision engineering and materials interaction, with core skills in automation, control, visualization and system integration, to provide robust, reliable, production equipment for a variety of manufacturing environments.

Together with the OpTek global network, the UK team provides support for applications, development, design, engineering, installation and maintenance, providing a fully integrated approach to the delivery of precision laser micromachining solutions, tailored to customer specific requirements.

OpTek Systems UK & Europe

OpTek Systems UK & Europe

OpTek Systems
Unit 12/14 Blacklands Way
Abingdon Business Park
Oxford, OX14 1DY
Tel: +44 1235 539182
Fax: +44 1235 539183

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