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OpTek Systems Launches Second Generation LaserCleave™-1500 Tool

OpTek Systems, precision laser micromachining specialist and global leader in laser processing of optical fibers, has launched the second generation of its bench-top tool for termination of optical interconnects.  The LaserCleaveTM is a compact, production-ready platform designed to maximize productivity in optical connector manufacturing. Central to the LaserCleaveTM-1500 technology’s core value is the elimination of […]

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OpTek Systems Global Laser Micromachining business goes from strength to strength

Introduction OpTek Systems is expanding operations at its main UK site by adding 8,000 sq ft of temperature controlled production and laboratory space to its Abingdon manufacturing facility. The 20,000 sqft facility includes semi-cleanroom additions to accommodate OpTek’s growth in precision laser processing services and laser processing machine tool fabrication. This follows four years of […]

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Automation is the key to unlocking the full potential of Laser micro-machining.

Although laser micro-machining is a relatively recent development, it is widely recognised that this technology provides the process of choice and even the technology enabling step in an ever more diverse range of applications. In fact Laser micro-machining  is indispensable in many areas of 21st Century manufacturing across a wide range of industries. Laser processing […]

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