micromachiningMicromachining of small holes, cuts, profiles and 3D features is an area where laser technology excels.  The extent of the technology today means that precision laser micro-machining can be applied to virtually all known material, to create features and structures with dimensions measured in microns and tolerances of fractions of this.

Although laser micro-machining is a relatively recent development, it is widely recognised that this technology provides the process of choice and even the technology enabling step in an ever more diverse range of applications. In fact Laser micro-machining is indispensable in many areas of 21st Century manufacturing across a wide range of industries. Laser micromachining is routinely used for laser drilling, micro-hole drilling, laser cutting, precision micro-cutting, laser dicing, laser scribing, 3D machining, selective layer removal, micro-milling, welding, surface treatment, extending machining capabilities beyond the range of more traditional manufacturing techniques.

Laser micromachining  as a means of creating highly precise micro features offers a number of advantages, firstly the laser beam “tool” doesn’t wear, thus delivering excellent reproducibility and being a non-contact process the machining point isn’t obscured by tooling or cutting edges, making it possible to use on-line inspection to generate valuable process feedback and metrology data.

At OpTek Systems we bring together a wealth of experience in the delivery of novel precision laser micromachining in high volume production for customers located around the globe, with a detailed understanding of lasers, optics and laser/material interaction. This core capability is complemented by comprehensive experience in automation and engineering, on a scale from metres to nanometres, along with vision systems, software and control.

capillaryfibre3Laser processing of optical fiber, optical interconnects, quartz capillary and tubing.

microstructuredceramic3Laser micro-cutting and micro hole drilling of metal, ceramic, polymer, silicon, quartz, composites and laminates.

guidewire3Laser welding, joining, alloying and end face profiling

Micromachining Data


  • x-y precision to <1μm over 400x400mm

Feature Sizes

  • To <1μm (material dependent)


  • Polymer, composite, ceramic, metal, glass

Materials Handling

  • x-y batch loading
  • Rotating drum
  • Reel-to-reel

Available Lasers

  • Solid State - 266nm, 355nm, 532nm, 1μm
  • Excimer - 248nm, 308nm
  • CO2 - 10.6μm, 9.4μm


  • On-line high magnification vision
  • Off-line SEM, AFM etc inspection


  • QCP and SPC as required
  • Traceability to National Standards as required


  • UK and US facilities
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