Laser Micromachining

Laser Micromachining for micro hole drilling, micro cutting, micro milling, laser scribing and patterning, for development, engineering and production.

Laser micromachining delivers a range of precision laser processes for laser drilling, micro drilling, micro hole drilling, laser cutting, micro cutting, laser milling, laser micro milling, laser welding and surface treatments that apply to precision micro machining and micro engineering requirements across a wide range of industries.

Laser Micromachining Laser Micro HoleOpTek Systems develops precision laser micromachining processes and transitions these into robust, reliable and cost effective production solutions, either in the form of sub-contract laser micromachining services or as production line equipment.  Our experience includes precision laser micro machining, laser drilling and cutting, laser scribing, micro hole drilling, micro-cutting, micro-milling, laser processing, laser welding, laser annealing and laser marking.

OpTek produces fully-engineered production equipment for precision laser micro-machining in industries from electronics to packaging, from bio-sensors to aerosol valves.  With core expertise in lasers, optics and laser materials interactions, coupled with comprehensive experience of, process development, automation and process and quality control.  OpTek Systems have a track record of developing novel laser micromachining solutions that go on to become industry standard.

The team at OpTek Systems have been involved in the development of laser processing and laser micromachining stretching back over decades, this work has involved laser sources across the spectrum , in terms of wavelength, pulse duration, power levels and so on.  The accumulated knowledge of the interaction of all these different lasers with virtually all materials considerable and this understanding of the laser micromachining process is underpinned by experience of delivering them reliably in a wide range of environments.

In addition, OpTek’s wide range of laser facilities and expertise are available as a sub-contract service from locations in the US and UK, providing responsive and efficient support from the prototype stage through to large-volume serial production.

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