OpTek provides responsive and efficient subcontract laser processing and micromachining services from laser job shop facilities located in the US and UK.

OpTek provides a responsive and efficient Sub-contract laser processing, laser micromachining and optical fiber processing service from its laser job shop facilities in the US and UK. Utilising its wide range of laser types from UV to IR, and many years of processing experience, OpTek can address your subcontract laser processing requirements from prototype level through to full-scale production.  Laser processing can be applied to virtually all materials, with features down to a few microns combined with exceptional control and tolerances.

subcontract laser processing services include, laser micromachining, laser drilling,  micro-hole drilling, precision laser cutting, laser dicing, laser milling, micro-milling, laser scribing, thin film scribing, wafer scribing, laser patterning, laser engraving, laser marking,optical  fiber processing, optical fiber cleaving, optical fiber lensing, optical connector termination and much more.  In addition, OpTek routinely employs the appropriate test and inspection techniques to ensure the quality of processed parts.

OpTek has the resources, experience and flexibility to adapt a process to meet customer needs.  Often a straightforward, manual approach to handing parts is adequate for trials and evaluation, however as volumes increase, automated handling is added to increase throughput and drive down unit costs.  Through this ability to adapt the hardware and processing approach OpTek are able to respond to customer needs whether the requirement is for a single part or a million.

With broad ranging experience in engineering and manufacturing, OpTek can also undertake additional production steps around the laser process, to provide a more complete job shop service, including management of the supply chain for incoming material, assembly, packaging and onward processing.

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