TX6400 Precision Laser Machining Platform

TX6400 platform is suited to a range of processing and inspection requirements.  Typical applications include semi-automated precision laser drilling of small batch components.

Machine tools built from standard optical, mechanical and enclosure modules, with dedicated tooling, material handling inspection and control

Standard workstations offer a range of options that can easily be combined to provide a laser processing solution for your application with a competitive price and delivery time. By utilizing our standard platforms you greatly reduce the time and cost involved in engineering the stable structure and enclosure of the system. The work space and control systems can then be tailored to your requirement, providing the functionality and productivity of a bespoke machine tool.


The TX6400 range is well suited to many processing and inspection requirements. Typical applications are semi-automatic laser processing of small batches of components. Typical processes include:

  • Drilling of precision holes
  • Scribing
  • Demetalization
  • Tailored optical fiber processing


The standard system is 2m wide x 1.3m deep x 1.8m high with separate full height services rack and touch screen PC user interface.

Standard Workstation

  • Full turnkey operation
  • Range of laser types including fundamental, doubled and tripled YAG, CO2, excimer and diode
  • Wide range of laser powers
  • Multi-axis motion system and beam scanning options
  • Tailored to suit your application
  • Closely integrated control systems
  • Inspection and feedback options

Typical Features

  • Optional full vision analysis and metrology
  • Dual circuit safety interlocks to Euro or FDA standards
  • Ergonomic, user-friendly interface and operation
  • Compliance with all relevant safety standards
  • Full extract, fume and dust handling if required
  • Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic loading
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