PV Laser Processing Tools

Laser tools for PV cell processing

The OpTek systems range of production tool platforms can be tailored to your specific needs.  The range includes bench-top and R&D models for development and small scale production, through to full scale production tools for large area glass and flexible R2R cells.  OpTek also offers fully bespoke tool design and build to print services.

Tools are supplied as stand alone processing cells including material handling stages, or as line-integrated modules.  Options include glass handling, panel stackers, sheet rotation, wafer exchange, automated registration and alignment, integrated inspection, web handling and encapsulation.
Wafer Scriber cut out closed3Bench Top
The bench top tool is the ideal platform for processing of smaller cell substrates. The tool is designed for single part processing, with manual load and unload for low volume production.

R&D Tool R&D Tools
OpTek manufactures a range of dedicated tool platforms that can be fitted to your specific requirements. These platforms accept single or multiple laser sources and will accommodate a range of material and laser beam handling options.

Large Scale ProductionLarge Scale Production
Through the implementation of core experience in laser processing and optical systems and an intelligent approach to the integration of material handling and control systems, OpTek’s laser processing tools offer unrivalled thin film patterning performance.

Reel-to-reel tools Reel-to-Reel Tools
Laser scribing tools can be integrated into reel-to-reel prodcution for processing of flexible metal and polymer foils. OpTek supplies optical modules for integration to an existing line and full stand alone and in-line tools.


For more information on the above or to discuss you specific PV Cell processing requirement please contact OpTek Systems

Laser processing for PV

Laser Process

  • Scribing/patterning
  • Hole/via drilling
  • Cutting/trimming
  • welding, contact firing
  • Marking


  • P1,P2,P3 layer scribing
  • Scribing burried contacts
  • Scribing TCO's
  • Removing insulating oxides
  • Edge deletion
  • Edge isolation
  • Emitter wrap through
  • Contact firing
  • Encapsulation finishing
  • Wafer re-sizing

Cell Types

  • c-Si wafer
  • CIS
  • CIGS
  • CdTe
  • DSSC
  • BIPV
  • Flex Thin film

Laser Options

  • DPSS 1064, 532, 355,266nm
  • Fiber Laser 1064, 532nm
  • CO2 10.6, 9.4µm

Substrate Format

  • 6" Si Wafer
  • Glass sheet
  • Polymer film
  • metal foil
  • Hybrid (BIPV)

Tool Options

  • In/Out stackers
  • Auto align/registration
  • integrated inspection
  • Contour mapping
  • Wafer exchange
  • Web handling (flex films)
  • Reel-to-reel (R2R)
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