Production Equipment

Production equipment for precisions laser micromachining, engineered to meet your manufacturing needs and delivered as a stand-alone machine or fully integrated solution.

Production equipment for laser processing,  laser micromachining and optical fiber processing is central to OpTek Systems business.  OpTek specialises in the development of novel laser machining and micromachining processes and in the transitioning of these in to robust, high productivity production equipment.  Integrating a wide range of laser sources, OpTek production equipment is recognised for its processing capability, the quality of engineering and reliability in volume production.

OpTek’s unique machine tools are in service around the world producing laser micro machined components and assemblies of exceptional quality and reproducibility, with many millions of OpTek-processed parts in service in industrial applications globally.

OpTek offers a range of stand-alone machine tool platforms that can be tailored to the needs of a specific application.  For higher volume applications or those requiring multiple process steps, OpTek designs and builds custom machines and more complex automated production equipment.  This includes modules for integration with existing or new production lines through to full end-to-end or roll-to-roll systems.

Laser processing is routinely used for micro-hole drilling, cutting, scribing, 3D machining, selective layer removal, micro-milling, welding, surface treatment and can be applied to virtually all materials.  While lasers are exceptional tools for precision engineering of micro features, automation is key to unlocking this capability on a commercial scale.

The handling of the components and materials being processed is a significant factor in determining throughput and ultimately cost.  With laser micro-machining the demands on the automated handling are considerable, often requiring high speed movement and ultra-high placement accuracy, in order to maintain tolerances. The ability to conceive and realize novel ways to manipulate and transport material, which could be anything from a 10µm wire to a large sheet of glass km roll of film, and to place these for processing with sub-micron tolerances, is key to delivering a viable process.

OpTek specialises in the delivery of production equipment for demanding applications that is engineered to address the priorities of customers located around the globe.

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