OpTek Systems China

OpTek Systems AP, Dongguan, China
OpTek Systems China, servicing the Asia Pacific regions has its headquarters in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, with a branch office located in Singapore. The OpTek AP team are responsible for sales, installation, service and customer support for all OpTek products in China and the wider Asia Pacific region.

Through our facility in China we offer specialist applications support for optical fiber termination optoelectronics packaging and optical interconnect processing. With many years of experience in the telecom, datacom and optoelectronic industries we can provide local expert guidance to optical component manufacturers.

OpTek has an installed base of optical fiber termination machines at manufacturers throughout mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.  OpTek technology has been at the forefront of optical component manufacture for over 20 years and is at the heart of current and future generations of advanced optical component production.

OpTek Systems China

OpTek Systems China

OpTek Asia Pacific
1008, Building A
Dingfeng International Plaza
19 Dongguan Avenue
Dongguan City
Guangdong Province 523000
Tel: +86 769 2302 5011
Cell: +86 138 0102 0105

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