Laser drilled probe cards at SWTW-San Diego, 5-8 June.

OpTek Systems your quality manufacturing partner for laser drilled probe cards, will be exhibiting at the Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop, San Diego, CA, 5-8 June 2016  OpTek Systems is a global supplier of precision laser micromachining equipment and sub-contract laser processing services.

Laser drilled arrays of precision micro holes down to of a few microns diameter, with 50:1 or better aspect ratio and exceptional accuracy, repeatability and positioning.  Go way beyond the limitations of mechanical drilling and avoid the cost, risk and delays associated with tool failures.

Laser Drilled Probe Cards

The advantages of non-contact laser processing for probe card drilling include:

  • Reduction in drill timesLaser Drilled Probe Card Pattern Rectangular Laser Drilled Probe Cards
  • Smaller hole sizes
  • Elimination of drill bit failure
  • Accurate and reproducible for very high hole counts
  • Improved yields, particularly at high hole counts
  • Avoidance of “drill wander” on thicker materials
  • Ability to process hard materials
  • Ability to drill non-round holes


Capable of drilling all commonly used materials, including:

  • Hard ceramics: Alumina, Silicon Nitride, and others
  • Machinable Ceramics: Macerite, Photoveel, Macor and others
  • Polymers: Polyimides (Kapton, Vespel, Cirlex, etc), Peek

In addition to supplying laser based machine tools and production line equipment, OpTek Systems operates dedicated state-of-the-art micro-machining facilities for sub-contract laser processing.  Whether you are looking to develop new guide hole geometries or outsource your laser drilled probe card production, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs.


Sub-contract laser processing and micromachining for laser drilled probe cards from OpTek Systems delivers a timely and flexible service for your production needs:

  • Versatile service Wide range of laser types and part handling options
  • Flexibility New process development through to routine production
  • Processing volumes 1 to 1,000,000+ batch or continuous production
  • Automation as appropriate to deliver price/volume priorities
  • Additional manufacturing steps to maximize productivity & efficiency
  • Worldwide network supporting your global supply chain
  • ISO9001 – fully certified service

Production Line Equipment

OpTek Systems produces a range of precision laser processing platforms that can be tailored to meet your exact specifications laser drilled probe cards.  With a range of industrial laser, optical manipulation, motion and automation options, we deliver robust and reliable laser machining tools for your in-house production needs.

Global Locations

OpTek Systems operates from locations around the world, providing you with local expert contacts and support for your global supply chain.

To find out more about the latest developments in laser technology for precision micro-hole drilling come and meet with us at the event.  The OpTek team will be pleased to meet you.

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