Probe Card Drilling

Probe card drilling using precision Laser micromachining techniques delivers highly versatile and reliable production of round and rectangular holes in all materials.   OpTek can support your probe card drilling requirements from new part development through to full production, offering both sub contract manufacturing services and the supply of dedicated production line tools.  OpTek’s proprietary laser drilling process is designed to meet the changing demands of the probing industry with the ability to produce arrays of precision micro holes down to of a few microns diameter and aspect ratio of 50:1 or better.  Extremely accurate and  repeatable hole positioning go way beyond the limitations of mechanical drilling and avoid the cost, risk and delays associated with tool failures.  OpTek’s laser based probe card drilling process is non-contact, so there’s no tool wear to worry about either.

Probe card drillingProbe card drilling using industry proven capability delivering exceptional quality and reliability at significantly faster production rates, compared to conventional mechanical drilling.

Probe card arrayPrecision laser micro hole drilling is not constrained by tool size and is routinely use in the production of holes down to a few microns in diameter.

Probe Card DrillingProprietary processing techniques, along with highly accurate positioning equipment and exceptional control for dense hole array drilling.

Probe Card Rectangular ArrayLaser processing will also allow the creation of square, rectangular and other non-round hole shapes.

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