Laser Drilling & Cutting

Laser drilling & cutting delivers highly accurate and reproducible results in laser drilling, micro hole drilling, laser cutting and micro cutting of precision features, in virtually all materials.  OpTek provides laser processing and micromachining solutions in the form of production line equipment and offers a responsive and efficient laser-processing and micromachining service for precision Laser drilling & cutting from locations in the US and UK. Utilising its wide range of laser types from UV to IR, and many years of processing experience, OpTek can address your machining requirements from prototype level through to full-scale production.

laserdrilledswirlplate4Laser micro-machining of precision profiles, including the trepanning for precision micro hole drilling in a wide range of materials.

laserdrilled4umholesinstee4High aspect ratio laser micro holes and tightly-packed hole arrays, plus precision laser cutting and laser dicing.

diamondchip4Component processing to customer-specific quality criteria, can include post process testing including microscopic inspection, flow testing, chemical or electrical testing.

Laser Drilling & Cutting


  • x-y precision to <1μm over 400x400mm

Drilling Hole Sizes

  • To <5μm (material dependent)

Hole Aspect Ratio

  • Up to 100:1 (material dependent)


  • Polymer, composite, ceramic, metal, glass

Materials Handling

  • x-y batch loading
  • Rotating drum
  • Reel-to-reel

Available Lasers

  • Solid State - 266nm, 355nm, 532nm, 1μm
  • Excimer - 248nm, 308nm
  • CO2 - 10.6μm, 9.4μm


  • On-line high magnification vision inspection
  • Off-line SEM, AFM etc inspection


  • QCP and SPC as required
  • Traceability to National Standards as required
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