OpTek maintains comprehensive facilities for the development and delivery of precision laser micro-machining processes, including laser drilling, laser cutting, laser milling, laser scribing and laser processing for a broad range of applications.  From our facilities and partners in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia  we have access to a toolbox that includes lasers that covers the spectrum of commercially available sources, alongside optical and mechanical manipulation systems that allow us to work with virtually all materials in a wide range of formats, shapes and sizes.

With these resources, coupled with expertise and experience OpTek engineers are engaged in the development of novel  laser micro machining solutions to the engineering challenges of our customers.  Once developed OpTek can transition the results into a production ready process and deliver this according to your needs.  From a single part for proof of principle, through qualification and on to volume production through our laser job shop or production line equipment, OpTek has the facilities to meet your needs.

Laser Micromachining


  • x-y precision to <1μm over 400x400mm

Feature Sizes

  • To <1μm (material dependent)


  • Polymer, composite, ceramic, metal, glass

Materials Handling

  • x-y batch loading
  • Rotating drum
  • Reel-to-reel

Available Lasers

  • Solid State - 266nm, 355nm, 532nm, 1μm
  • Excimer - 248nm, 308nm
  • CO2 - 10.6μm, 9.4μm


  • On-line high magnification vision
  • Off-line SEM, AFM etc inspection


  • QCP and SPC as required
  • Traceability to National Standards as required


  • UK and US facilities
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