Laser Job Shop

Laser Job Shop Services for subcontract precision laser micro-machining, optical fiber processing and optical interconnect termination from your local OpTek facility

Laser job shop services are provided throughout the OpTek Systems global network.  OpTek operates laser job shop facilities in its primary locations offering a wide range of laser processing and micromachining technology.  Through our laser job shop you can access a range of OpTek services, from the development of novel laser processing and micromachining processes through to volume batch and continuous production.

Laser processing is applicable to a wide range of precision engineering requirements and can be applied to virtually all materials.  Typical materials include metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors, thin films, laminates and composites.  Capable of producing feature sizes down to just a few microns, laser processing offers a highly versatile method for laser drilling, micro-hole drilling, laser cutting, micro-cutting, laser scribing, micro-scribing, laser milling, micro-milling, thin film scribing and surface treatment, plus a wide range of macro and larger scale materials processing requirements.

OpTek also applies its laser processing expertise to the processing of optical fibers, using OpTek’s patented LaserCleave technology.  Precision laser processing provides an excellent platform for a range of optical fiber termination processed including laser cleaving, laser stripping, laser lensing and laser fusing, for the production of optical connectors, fiber stubs, optical components and hermetic fiber assemblies.

OpTek provides ISO9001 accredited services for Subcontract Laser Micromachining and Subcontract Optical Fiber Processing.  For more information, or to discuss your specific laser processing requirements please contact your local OpTek office.

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