OpTek’s facilities in the USA and UK are fully equipped to provide a range of subcontract optical fiber processing and optical interconnect termination services.  Through our job shop facilities we are able to offer a full range of subcontract services from component or device development through to full production.  Our flexible facilities allow us to configure equipment for development, one-off’s, small batches and where larger volumes are required, we routinely establish more automated systems.

In addition to OpTek Systems proprietary optical fiber processing technology LaserCleave we also provide additional process steps such as AR coating, metalization, end capping, hermetic fiber assemblies, metal and glass soldering, together with more conventional fiber termination facilities.  OpTek can provide full turnkey fiber tail assembly and packaging from our one-stop-shop sub-contract service operating from US and UK locations and can provide support from the prototype stage through to large-volume serial production for telecoms, datacoms, military, aerospace, medical and sensors.

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