OpTek manufactures a range of production equipment for processing optical fibers, based on OpTek Systems proprietary processing technology LaserCleave.  These include desktop tools for laser cutting fiber and epoxy close to a ferrule end face prior to conventional polishing, tools for terminating advanced optical interconnects, and active optical cables, systems for terminating ferrule mounted fiber stubs that are used in field installable connectors, machines for cutting lenses directly onto the fiber end, plus equipment for stripping, cutting, shaping, tapering and fusing fibers for a variety of applications.

In addition to desk top and floor standing, dedicated tools OpTek has experience of developing and delivering specialised and often highly automated systems for bespoke applications.  OpTek is experienced in all aspects of fiber handling, preparation and processing, from spool through to optical quality termination.

For more details please visit our Production Equipment pages.



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