Laser Stripping

Laser stripping from OpTek Systems provides controllable and reproducible removal of acrylate or polyimide buffers with tight control over the position, location and fiber-strength. Laser stripping of optical fiber is the fast and accurate way to remove acrylate and polyimide coatings, in order to access the fiber for additional processing, termination and packaging.  Laser stripping is contact-free and can be configured for end or window-stripping with precise dimensional control. The elimination of blades and any form of glass abrasions make this an ideal process for ultra-high reliability (UHR) applications.  The laser stripped fiber is clean and residue free, and avoids the hazards and controls associated with chemical stripping.

laser strippingThe process can be applied to create windows of virtually any length and at any point along the fiber, making it idea as a preparatory step for processes such as the writing of Fiber Bragg gratings (FBG’s).

Laser StripLaser stripping is highly flexible, with the ability to remove short and long lengths in single or multiple locations, with control over the profile of the strip transition.

Array StripRound and non-round fibers, ribbons and arrays can be accommodated, covering a wide range of applications.

Window StripLaser striping can be combined with laser cleaving or lensing for efficient processing of fiber tails from a spool.

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