Connector Cleaving

Connector cleaving using OpTek’s patented LaserCleave™ process for routine production of optical connectors and terminations. LaserCleave™ desktop production tools are built around the same OpTek technology that has been relied upon in performance critical, volume production of fiber optic components since 1990’s. The core values of the LaserCleave™ are the elimination of mechanical scribing and the reduction of polishing steps required for connector finishing.


LaserCleave The base model of the product family is designed to cut fiber and epoxy on a single fiber connector ferrule prior to conventional polishing.

Ferrule Stinger The single fiber ferrule models are designed to minimize the number of polishing steps requireds to finish the connector by cutting close to the ferrule face, with a profile that prevents unnecessary damage to the polishing films.

One step polish For single fiber ferrules with low to moderate epoxy bead size the LaserCleave-SSP produces and end that can be polished in a single step with finishing film.

Laser Cleaved Ribbon The range will also accommodate multi-fiber ferrules such as the MT, plus free fibers,ribbon and stubs.

Product Information


Laser Cleaving

  • Cut fiber & epoxy
  • Close for ferrule face
  • Rapid non-contact face
  • Single and multi-fiber formats


  • Accurate and reproducible
  • High first pass yields
  • No chips or core cracks
  • No scratches or hackle


  • SC,FC,ST,E2K, LC MU, MT, SMA, Stubs, Fibers, Ribbons


  • High through-put
  • Improved yields
  • Reduction in polishing costs
  • Fast return investment



  • LaserCleave™ -SP
  • LaserCleave™-SSP
  • LaserCleave™-MT
  • LaserCleave™-LT
  • LaserCleave™-LTS
  • LaserCleave™-BF
  • LaserCleave™-STB
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