Case Studies

Laser micromachining, precision laser processing and optical fiber processing are at the heart of the solutions we’ve been supplying to our customers over many years.  With decades of experience in the development of novel laser processes and the transitioning of these into robust and reliable production line equipment and subcontract processing services, the range of applications we’ve addressed is extensive.  The following application cards give an insight into the diversity of our experience and the versatility of the laser as a precision manufacturing tool.  We can’t cover everything here, so for more detailed information on the applications listed here, or to discuss your specific micromachining requirements, please contact us directly:

Probe card drillingProbe Card Drilling- Precision laser micro-drilling of round and non-round holes in vertical probe card guide plates.  Read More..

Laser CleavingOptical HDMI Cleaving- OpTek LaserCleave™ technology for high quality termination advanced optical data connectors.  Read More..

O2 Sensor Drilling- Precision laser drilling of micro-holes and sampling capillaries for gas sensing applications.  Read More..

Laser drilled arrayLast Pass Filter Drilling- Accurate, high speed laser drilling of last chance fluid filters for safety critical applications.  Read More..

X-Ray Target Cutting- Laser micro-cutting of thin vitreous materials for specimen holders used in x-ray diffraction studies.  Read More..


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